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About Us


I'm Linda and the founder of Isinmi Candle Co. Our company is designed to remind those caught in hustle culture to pursue meaningful rest.

We live in a culture that prioritizes productivity and constantly working and doing so to our own detriment. We often hear phrases like, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” when loved ones question why we are always tired or have no free time. We work hard, push ourselves beyond reasonable limits, and, at times, feel insurmountable exhaustion, anxiety, and stress. Undoubtedly, this impacts our mental and physical health. Even when faced with the repercussions of this, we continue pushing ourselves to unsustainable points. 

I found this to be my story more often than not. Between the long hours, trying to produce high-quality work, and trying to please my superiors, I found my mental and physical health slipping further and further away from me each day. Burnout became a monthly visitor that I convinced myself was normal and something I could get over by simply working harder. This, of course, did not work.  

What I found was that I was my best self when I actually engaged in rest. This not only meant taking breaks throughout my busy day but also using those breaks to do things I actually enjoyed. For me, candles became that reminder. The physical task of setting my candle near my desk and lighting it each morning signaled to me that I needed to make sure I prioritized myself that day. The constant whiffs I got from the blended oils reminded me to take those breaths and step away when needed.  

These candles are a reminder to stop and embrace each moment we experience in life. Rest is a right and not something to be earned. While it will look differently for everyone and every day, I hope these scents are a reminder to stop, take a moment, and just breathe.